Liberty Walking Half
Liberty Walking Half  1934-1947
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Originating in 1916, the coin persevered until 1947. Always elusive to find with a full strike, gem unc., fully struck coins command premiums. On some of the 1916 and 1917 coins, the mint mark deviates and is on the obverse.
All  coins in about good to very fine condition according to industry standards.
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Coin     G/VG 

1936-S $12.95

1937-S $12.95

1938-D        $64.00
Coin          F/VF

1934-D      $21.75

1935-D      $21.95

1938-D    $100.00
Coin        BU

1934     $95.00



1935     $82.00



1936     $85.00

1936-D  $95.00


1937     $67.00



1938   $128.00

1938-D       $578.00

1939     $64.00

1939-D  $70.00


1940     $60.00

1940-S  $86.00

1941     $55.00

1941-D  $76.00


1942     $50.00

1942-D  $98.00

1942-S  $88.00

1943     $50.00

1943-D  $80.00

1943-S  $70.00

1944     $50.00

1944-D  $70.00

1944-S  $89.00

1945     $49.00

1945-D  $59.00

1945-S  $70.00

1946     $62.00

1946-D  $65.00

1946-S  $65.00

1947     $66.00

1947-D  $69.00
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